Performance Installation at R-Space


6.30pm on Friday 15th April
R-Space Gallery
CAAKE presents a live performance installation at the gallery on the evening of 15th April.

The six collaborators, 2 artists, 2 makers, 2 performers, have been working through the connections to the overriding themes of materials, movement and memory throughout the duration of the ‘Readings in Passage’ project at R-Space Gallery. This project has also been gathering research, knowledge and collective experience worksing as a group and through the public who have attended the THINK TANK space and workshops at R-Space Gallery.

The performance installation is still to be viewed as a work-in-progress, a dialogue of balancing positions, both physically and disciplinary, in the jostling approaches to collaboration and moving deeper into a singular cooperative experience.

Join us for an intriguing event, afterward discussion and refreshments at R-Space Gallery, 32 Castle Street, Lisburn along with the CAAKE artists and performers: Gail Mahon, Rachel Gomme, Tara Murphy, Sandra Robinson, Brónagh Corr-McNicholl and Bridget Madden.


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