CAAKE Collaborators

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Gail Mahon: Installation Artist and Curator
Gail is an installation artist and sculptor based in Derry, Belfast and London. Recently a graduate studying in London Royal College of Art around the perimeters of her ceramics and curation practices. Her work concerns visual and material culture at cross-disciplinary interests in body theory, deconstruction of spaces and responses to matter and residual markers. She has shown work in UK, Ireland , Italy and China. She also organises projects and exhibitions within Belfast group MAK9.

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Rachel Gomme: Performance Artist, Dancer/Choreographer
Rachel has been making work in performance and installation since 1998. Her durational performance explores time and memory as experienced and expressed in the body and materials. Her interactive encounters, video and sound installations, often focused on phenomena perceived in terms of absence or lack (silence, stillness, waiting) seek to open a space for a shared engagement with the embodied moment of being. Her work has been presented widely in the UK and internationally.

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Tara J Murphy: Jeweller and Mixed Media Artist
Born in Belfast, studied and based in England. Primarily concerned with the use, re-use and re-interpretation of materials. She has always been attracted to being resourceful with materials and opportunities that arise and find the restrictive nature of this process a challenge that has become the driving force behind her working method.

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Brónagh Corr-McNicholl : Visual Artist – Photography and Mixed media Originally from Tyrone, Brónagh is a mixed media artist living in Derry. She works predominantly in photography and collage but crosses over to include oils, film, audio, literature and sculptural/found elements in some of her work. She completed an MA in Film and Television in 2008 and film continues to influence her work. Her photography conveys the ‘narrative’ moments in both people and nature, observing the small detail in a fast paced world. She has been working as an artist since 2008 and has exhibited throughout Ulster.

sandra b&WSandra Robinson: Visual artist – Ceramics and Sculpture
Sandra is an interdisciplinary artist from Northern Ireland who works in 2-D and 3-D concerning the human condition. Although all aspects of her practice inform and complement each other, describing herself as foremost a maker of things. Sandra is also a RCA graduate in Ceramics.

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COLLABORATOR IN 2016 PROJECT:  Bridget Madden: Dancer and Choreographer
Founded ‘Bridget Madden Dance’ in 2011. The work of the company fuses together the traditional forms of Irish dance with Contemporary Dance. It’s a collective of local and International artists working with a passion to make a difference in Dance. Some of the repertoire of the company includes
‘An Rinceoir’ – at Dublin Dance Festival 2011 ‘An Tobar:Fused’– ‘Hearts on Fire’ dance showcase 2012 (US), GOAL Annual convention 2012 (NYC), Choreographers Platform 2013 (US). 2014/2015.‘Baile’- Choreographers Platform, New York 2014.