Slice of CAAKE at Art & Sound symposium De Montford University


Today the CAAKE project is presenting at the Art & Sound Symposium at De Montford University in Leicester. Rachel Gomme and Tara Murphy are taking a little slice of CAAKE in the form of a participatory workshop, presentation and showcase of the film we commissioned last year for our ‘Readings in Passage’ residency project in 2016.

Art & Sound is a series of symposia funded by De Montfort University, Leicester, with a special focus on initiating discussion across disciplines and art forms, and between academics and practitioners. It aims each time to take a new theme and open up discourse amongst a greater number of the arts, welcoming contributions from both the digital and fine arts. This year the focus in on ‘Craft’ running over Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th June.

The workshop presentation utilises incite from Rachel’s performance perspective and Tara’s intimacy of working material as a jeweller and body artist infused through our collaborative experiences during ‘Readings in Passage’. As part of CAAKE’s programme, the workshop will combine meditative movement, breathing and materials to explore spatial relationships and connection to materiality introducing and shaping of clay and other objects in conversations and collective negotiations with a dynamic group sculpture. The project aims raise questions on where we place value, skill and interaction within shifting environments and possibility of process as the outcome and reflective development.

More information on the Art & Sound symposium schedule can be found  here.